Hey team, just wondering if there's any timeframe ...
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Hey team, just wondering if there's any timeframe on supporting .NET 8 for Pulumi projects? Although any new project using
pulumi new
uses .NET 6, I've tested out .NET 7 and not seen any issues. But would be good to get things on the latest LTS version.
What exactly are you asking from Pulumi? I updated a handful of projects to .NET 8 last night with no problems.
I didn't expect any problems with updating to .NET 8 @modern-quill-17695, but it would be nice to see template projects being updated to use it natively, as it would give us the confidence that the Pulumi team have tested things out and there shouldn't be any funny business.
.NET 8 is fully supported and tested, its just the templates that are still on 6. Don't see any reason not to update those to 8 now that's the LTS.
So it was decided to leave these as net 6 for now as it was felt we should be supporting the oldest versions we say we support. But 8 is fully supported, and will work for new projects if wanted.