Hello, has anyone else encountered this issue when...
# pulumi-deployments
Hello, has anyone else encountered this issue when trying to deploy from the github action
I create an ECR image like this
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const imageWebDev = new awsx.ecr.Image(
    repositoryUrl: ecrRepo.repositoryUrl,
    dockerfile: `Dockerfile`,
    path: "../../"
  { protect: true }
And then pass it to my ec2 task definiton like this
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const taskDefinition = new awsx.ecs.EC2TaskDefinition(
    containers: {
      app: {
        name: "app",
        image: imageWebDev.imageUri,
        cpu: 0,
        portMappings: [
            containerPort: 3000,
            hostPort: 0,
            protocol: "tcp",
This runs fine locally but when running in the Github action I get the following error:
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error: 1 error occurred:
    	* failed creating ECS Task Definition (web-production): ClientException: Container.image should not be null or empty.
I have tried the following • creating a whole new stack • using promises to ensure the task does not begin it's update before the image is finished • added in waiting to give things time to update • assigned the uri to a new variable and passed that to the task definition • hard coded in the
image uri This is my pulumi action
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- name: Pulumi Update
              uses: pulumi/actions@v3
                command: up
                stack-name: prod
                comment-on-pr: true
                work-dir: ${{ env.WORKDIR }}
                upsert: true
                PULUMI_ACCESS_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.PULUMI_ACCESS_TOKEN }}