Where can I find a great example (ideally with the...
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Where can I find a great example (ideally with the pulumi aws native provider) to a) create an S3 bucket b) sync files from a local folder to the S3 bucket and c) expose the bucket to public via FTP When trying to use the aws native S3 bucket and setting some ACL:
Bucket cannot have ACLs set with ObjectOwnership's BucketOwnerEnforced setting
is the error I am getting
it looks like Block all public access is set on the account level
It’s not AWS Native, but have a look at the
templates (accessible with
pulumi new
or via the
repository on GitHub). There’s code there that shows how to create the S3 bucket and set the access controls accordingly. There’s also a Pulumi component (the “synced-folder” component) that can help with syncing files from your local computer to the bucket. This component is referenced in the template.
thanks - let me take a look at it