Does anyone know why I'm getting the following err...
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Does anyone know why I'm getting the following error on Mac, connecting to Pulumi Cloud?
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policy pack <path-to-folder-containing-PulumiPolicy.yaml> failed to start: could not read plugin [/opt/homebrew/bin/pulumi-analyzer-policy] stdout: EOF
Maybe it's what we're trying to do that off, but we're trying to make a central policy pack with the following
, which is going to published in an npm packages
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import { Guard } from './guard';

import './policy-groups/<custom policy>';
... repeating more policies

export { Guard };
And then in the specific use-case we'll do the following (this is importing from local, but I suspect this shouldn't matter
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import { Guard } from '.';

export default new Guard('policy-pack', { all: 'mandatory' });
And then applying it to the Pulumi stack.preview() method as follows
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await stack.preview({
    onOutput: (message: string): void => {
    diff: options.diff,
    policyPacks: [
I'm not sure if this way of importing/exporting a policy guard would actually work as we expect, but the error message is pretty much useless so really unable to properly troubleshoot it. We're largely taking inspiration from this repository: