Hi, I’m looking over the docs and I’m trying to fi...
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Hi, I’m looking over the docs and I’m trying to figure out what the differences are between the AWS Bucket and AWS BucketV2 and the “native” buckets. Any descriptions will help. Thanks!
Terraform made a breaking change to S3 bucket. Pulumi team tried to mitigate this by introducing "S3 bucket V2" The docs lack lacking explanation of why. Perhaps you can raise the docs issue to add some explanation about it. The main difference is that with
is on par with https://registry.terraform.io/providers/hashicorp/aws/latest/docs/resources/s3_bucket And you get more granular control over "sub resources", such as ACL, BucketPolicy etc. In
all of these are under the
which is inconvenient sometimes. In general, I'd suggest using
. https://www.hashicorp.com/blog/terraform-aws-provider-4-0-refactors-s3-bucket-resource https://github.com/hashicorp/terraform-provider-aws/issues/23106