I'm trying to run update after removing the `count...
# kubernetes
I'm trying to run update after removing the
field from a k8s agent pool. I havent set a new value, just deleted the line. Pulumi will not stop trying to update it, even after refresh
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├─ azure-native:containerservice:AgentPool  teamcity-agents  **updating failed**     [diff: -count]; error: Code="InvalidParameter" Message="AgentPool 'tcagents' has set auto scaling as enable
Also is there someway to provision a service to a resource that's scaled to zero with out this happening?
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└─ kubernetes:core/v1:Service               teamcity         updating (170s).        [1/3] Finding Pods to direct traffic to
Try to set an actual value fails with same error. I can't set it, I can't not set it.
And if i provision it from scratch (create) and don't specify count I get
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azure-native:containerservice:AgentPool (teamcity-server):
    error: Code="InvalidParameter" Message="Required parameter properties.count is missing (null)." Target="properties.count"
All the examples for this resource are for a fixed count not using auto scaling.