Hey there :wave: I'm starting looking again at Pul...
# getting-started
Hey there 👋 I'm starting looking again at Pulumi and it feels like a lot has changed in the past couple of years. My context is I have a terragrunt spun up infrastructure, with a lot of "individual" small states to manage each part of the infra stack. I want out of terragrunt, and while looking at translating into vanilla Terraform I was like, let's see if Pulumi has something to offer. Anyway, I'm trying to get my head around your concepts but also was wondering if there was a common path to translate my current DSL written + import my current states so that I'm able to poke around the tool. We run a classic AWS infra with some VPCs, EKS and Aurora stuffs (+ some usual s3 buckets and dynamo). What would be the best resources for me to look into at this early stage? Thanks.
This is likely a good place to start: https://www.pulumi.com/docs/using-pulumi/adopting-pulumi/migrating-to-pulumi/from-terraform/ There's been a fair amount of effort in the past few months (since hashicorp BSL) to improve the converter for more complex cases. However I'm not sure how well it'll work with terragrunt, it depends how heavily you've used terragrunt-specific functionality
By DSL, do you mean you have your own config structure that translates into TF HCL? Adapting this shouldn't be too difficult, pulumi makes use of TF providers, so it's a case of initialising objects in your chosen language instead of outputting files, including outputting pulumi yaml