Greetings Folks - I'm trying to setup a new defaul...
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Greetings Folks - I'm trying to setup a new default StorageClass on a new EKS cluster and I'm trying to find a way to remove the old EKS default of
with Pulumi. This step is rather important for a lot of my automation in this stack because I don't want volumes on gp2. I didn't see much in terms of best practices. Can I just Delete the storage class? Does that need to be wrapped in some sort of check for subsequent
pulumi up
runs? Any suggestions?
You are able to create one with a different type of storage, like
and make it the default if you wish, by specifying this annotation:
Copy code 'true'
when creating the new StorageClass
I have done that, but the issue is that then there are two defaults. Also I do not want users to have access to gp2 storage, hence trying to delete it.
EKS creates the storage class separately from Pulumi. Because of this, Pulumi's state is not aware of it so you are free to delete it however you want