Hello :wave: I've got a question about a k8s use c...
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Hello 👋 I've got a question about a k8s use case: I'm running a proof of concept, where I want to ease my team into Pulumi. As a first stage, I would like to define k8s resources in Pulumi, render them into YAML and use Helm to manage them from there
so far, I tried a Provider with the following:
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const provider = new k8s.Provider("k8s", {
    renderYamlToDirectory: "my-chart/templates",
    skipUpdateUnreachable: true,
    kubeClientSettings: {
      timeout: 1
since I don't actually want any communication with a k8s cluster, just YAMLs
but not files actually get written. Am I on the right track, or is there a better way to do this?
you are on the right track- keep in mind this feature is in beta and not well supported. IMO this would make Pulumi more of a replacement to Helm, since it will output raw manifests, not helm templates.
thats what I'm aiming for - to replace Helm/helmfile in my org. The worst part about it is the go templates, so I'm trying to eliminate them first and keep the Helm state machine
we also have AWS IAC via terraform, but thats a different beast for a different day
yeah im not sure why you dont see templates generated- it works for me, i did a similar thing with ArgoCD and Pulumi generating the manifests. My main issue was that it doesn't seem to recreate the manifests if they get deleted (state thinks they still exist)
the files get generated only when I have access to a k8s cluster
yeah they only get updated based on pulumi state
ah interesting, let me ask around about that
(the cluster connection)
to get them recreated you have to
pulumi destroy
the state
@quaint-spring-93350 any idea?
I have looked into whether a connection to the cluster is required to generate the files- Here is an example repository where i generate successfully without any cluster, so I am not sure what is going on. https://github.com/automagic/pulumi_k8s_app
if you can share a longer code example including resources i can take a look
i am definitely able to render without a kube context set
just pushed a change to that repo that should work
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apiVersion: v1
clusters: []
contexts: []
kind: Config
preferences: {}
users: []
Validated if i disable the renderYamlToDirectory it will throw an error trying to create an acutal pod
Sorry, my brain is flu'd and I barely connect any dots. We've had issues with serde layer for provider args in pulumi-scala but the end result was that it did render manifests on every run disregarding what was passed to the renderYaml... parameter. We fixed that (we needed to filter out all null values from proto structs) and I havent seen any issues around this later.
not sure i totally follow- how is it rendering yaml reguardless of the
I was able to do the same now, both without any
and with the config you provided @billions-river-87988
it may be because of an old version of
I upgraded from
thanks for checking!
and feel better @quaint-spring-93350
ah, ok- there is still some weird behavior around the functionality i am aware of, even on the latest. For example: • YAML files are not recreated on
if they are removed (as mentioned)- but, they are always recreated on
pulumi preview
. The downside here is that if a resource changes, its doesn't update the file, it just creates a new file for the same resource (so now there are two). • It will create the files without a cluster as we have found, but if you do a
pulumi up --refresh
it will error out
interesting: I restored my original
and now its trying to talk to the cluster again
yeah not surprising- its definitely always looking at the kubeconfig, seems not to care if no clusters are defined but will use it if present.
if I try to direct it to an empty
explicitly, it complains
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error: pulumi:providers:kubernetes resource 'k8s': property kubeconfig value {.kubeconfig} has a problem: "kubeconfig" arg is not compatible with "renderYamlToDirectory" arg