Hello everyone :wave:, I am using Pulumi with Pul...
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Hello everyone 👋, I am using Pulumi with Pulumi.VSphere. When I publish and host the application on IIS I get the following message:
"Pulumi.Automation.Commands.Exceptions.CommandException: code: -1
stdout: Previewing update (Friday-29-December-2023-16-34-34):
stderr: error: failed to discover plugin requirements: connection error: desc = "error reading server preface: read tcp> wsarecv: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host."
Something is not running quite right with the async then. Can anyone help me? If I run the project normally in cmd as a normal project I have no problem. (Code is in screenshot. When I do something with "Up" or "Preview" it crashes). Thanks in advance Greetings, Ruud