I'm trying to figure out a safe way to use `pulumi...
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I'm trying to figure out a safe way to use
. Specifically, we have a shared setup and different developers have different clusters and contexts defined in their
(e.g. some devs run a local minicube cluster for testing). I want to ensure that the stack is only applied to the cluster I want it applied to but I can't figure out how to do that. For example, I can explicitly construct a
to specify the cluster, but the
field refers to the name of the cluster in
file and it's just a nickname; each developer could pick a different nickname for the same cluster. How can I (1) provide enough flexability for each dev to specify which kubeconfig, etc. to use and (2) still ensure that I'm going to apply my changes only to the desired cluster?
hmmm... Maybe the trick is to provide a full kubeconfig file contents so that the user can't change them and then provide a way for an individual user to override how they authenticate (e.g. if they need a proxy) so they can replace just the
part of the config? Seems ugly but should work...