I work for a big company that has a complex infras...
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I work for a big company that has a complex infrastructure as a code project with Pulumi and Go and I really wanted to find a solution for remote debugging pulumi code in IDE 💡 The hardest part for infrastructure engineers here is to debug complex deep Pulumi Go code and I always wanted to try remote debugging but until now I did not have enough time to set up something that will work. I also created a gist describing the steps again and adding something extra that can help: https://gist.github.com/pancudaniel7/6fd45122a6c2b6fc58f7e3ab186fa2f5 I think all the engineers using Pulumi should know how to remote debug using breakpoints in an IDE the Pulumi code, this will increase their productivity and reduce their stress with complex projects. Pulumi solves some interesting problems that technologies like Terraform fail to do properly so @salmon-account-74572 maybe you guys can create a Pulumi page documentation where to explain how to remote debug
command for most of the programming languages.
I will add an issue to our docs repository and link to your GitHub Gist and see if we can get something like this created! Thank you!
Sounds great! Thank you! 🙏