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01/11/2024, 9:07 PM
Is there a way to print in the console the output the docker build? Exc my docker build failed for some reason and the only thing I see is:
pulumi_docker.docker.ResourceError: 'docker build -f ../Dockerfile -t myimage ../' failed with exit code 1
I'm using pulumi_docker python library.
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build = docker.DockerBuild(
            context    = build_path,
            args       = build_args,
            dockerfile = dockerfile

        image = docker.Image(f"{id}Image",
            build      = build,
            image_name = image_tag,
            registry   = image_registry,
            skip_push  = skip_push,
            opts       = pulumi.ResourceOptions(parent=self)
Setting something like the following in `pulumi up`:
--logtostderr --logflow -v=9
didn't help...