I've split my pulumi program into two parts: "base...
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I've split my pulumi program into two parts: "base", where I create a new AWS account including a new user in our organization and "actual" where I create the resources. base has the access key ID and secret access key as output. I'm importing base as a StackReference in "actual" and want to configure the default aws provider with these credentials. Is this possible?
I'm not 100% if its possible or not, but you definitely should not pass around AWS creds like this.
Can you elaborate? Pulumi prides itself with secrets as a first class citizen - why not use them?
(but even if "base" would store them in a key vault from where "actual" reads them, the question remains the same: How to configure the default / implicit provider at runtime?)
I believe you'll need to create an explicit provider in order to do what you're seeking.