Hi <@UB8C33JJG>. I have implement my Infrastructur...
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Hi @echoing-match-29901. I have implement my Infrastructure as code using Pulumi and Python language currently, and create resource successful using AWS Classic provider, and I import a exist resource in AWS successful and successful in Pulumi stack state, but it's alwasy show an undefined variable name error message every time after imported successful exist resource, how should I debug this error ?
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Type                      Name         Status
     pulumi:pulumi:Stack       v16team-dev
 =   └─ aws:ec2:SecurityGroup  elb-to-eks   imported (12s)

    = 1 imported
    76 unchanged

Duration: 16s

error: anonymous.pp:17,12-16: undefined variable name;
Hmm. I would suggest opening a bug report in pulumi/pulumi if you are able to reproduce the error.