Can anyone point me at the code for the Deployment...
# pulumi-deployments
Can anyone point me at the code for the DeploymentSettingsGitHub feature? I'd like to do the same thing for Bitbucket: on PR, create and run a
pulumi preview
deployment for a temporary merge branch, optionally with a templated environment. The
pulumi up on commit
feature is straight forward.
Hey @little-cartoon-10569 this is closed source code from pulumi-service, so I can't easily link it to you. We use the github app to receive webhook events from github, and we run the preview on the target branch when there's a pull request open or update event. To do this with bitbucket you would either need a bitbucket app that similarly receives webhook events and creates a preview deployment, or, you could poll bitbucket at regular intervals to see if any new PRs have been created and then run a preview on the target branches.
We do have an issue for adding bitbucket support natively: Please give it a 👍 Deployments will eventually support more VCS providers including gitlab, bitbucket, etc.