Hi, I am creating private service connect in gcp I...
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Hi, I am creating private service connect in gcp I am getting this error when running "pulumi destroy"
I0205 13:03:04.771558   32070 log.go:81] error deleting source object after rename: .pulumi/stacks/##/pconn.json.gz (blob (key ".pulumi/stacks/##/pconn.json.gz") (code=NotFound): storage: object doesn't exist) skipping
I0205 13:03:05.576407   32070 log.go:81] Saved stack organization/##/pconn checkpoint to: .pulumi/stacks/##/pconn.json (backup=.pulumi/stacks/##/pconn.json.bak)
I0205 13:03:05.576570   32070 log.go:81] StepExecutor worker(16): step delete on urn:pulumi:pconn::###::gcp:servicenetworking/connection:Connection::projx failed with an error: deleting urn:pulumi:pconn::##::gcp:servicenetworking/connection:Connection::projx: 1 error occurred:
* Unable to remove Service Networking Connection, err: Error waiting for Delete Service Networking Connection: Error code 9, message: Failed to delete connection; Producer services (e.g. CloudSQL, Cloud Memstore, etc.) are still using this connection.
Help Token: ARD_zUaBKL1OlHi0-2heidwY36qzx7p25TZGqkB5xWPwuM5AigoNelA0_Z8Ft947TbJbbmFKHuRPBdA4pxy5zA_P1vUnIQ5AgYL4jdax2xXkF8t6
this is my pulumi code:
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// Create an IP address
const privateIpAlloc = new gcp.compute.GlobalAddress("privateip", {
    purpose: "VPC_PEERING",
    addressType: "INTERNAL",
    prefixLength: 24,
    network: vpcNetworkId,

// Create a private connection
const pconn_projx = new gcp.servicenetworking.Connection("privateconnect", {
    network: vpcNetworkId,
    service: "servicenetworking.googleapis.com",
    reservedPeeringRanges: [privateIpAlloc.name],

// (Optional) Import or export custom routes
const peeringRoutes = new gcp.compute.NetworkPeeringRoutesConfig("peeringRoutes", {
    peering: pconn_projx.peering,
    network: vpcNetworkName,
    importCustomRoutes: true,
    exportCustomRoutes: true,
But I dont have any CloudSQL or Cloud Memstore resources in this vpc... Any idea how to solve it?