# aws


02/13/2024, 2:09 AM
Hi, just a quick question! I have built whole aws infra(VPC, ALB, ECS..) and been operating it using pulumi. I started a new project and I need several new components such as new ALB and lambdas. Because the new project has a bit different purpose with current project, I want to make a separate project building the components even though the two projects are integrated with same aws account. In short, my question is “Is it possible to make a new pulumi project integrated with same aws account without affecting existing resources built with old project?”


02/13/2024, 4:53 AM
Yes. There are a very few resources that are one-per-account only (Default VPC, region activation, etc.). Apart from those resources, there's no reason for resources in one project to touch resources in another, unless you want them to.


02/13/2024, 5:58 AM
Thank you so much for the explanation!


02/13/2024, 8:39 AM
we have like 20 pulumi projects and they each configure up to 8 aws accounts
some of the pulumi projects are foundational, eg our 'networking' project that configures a single VPC with subdomains, NAT, firewall, routes etc.. in our 'shared services' aws account, then does vpc sharing to the other accounts by providing those accounts with specific subnets that they can deploy into. This way networking is controlled & routed in 1 account which can set up rules, and other accounts can deploy their stuff only into the subnets they are meant to
so some projects have a sort of 'wide' low level application, whereas other projects might do the resources that a specific app may need, both in production & non-production
for those apps we may have 'production' and 'staging' stacks, but for our foundational stuff we mostly have 'default' stack which configures everything
anyway it's super flexible, and that flexibility means you can tie yourself up in knots if you're not careful


02/13/2024, 8:50 AM
Thank you so much for the detailed explanation. It was super helpful to me and I really appreciate you taking the time to explain it so thoroughly.