hello folks i`m a new to pulumi and also a new int...
# getting-started
hello folks i`m a new to pulumi and also a new into the compute world I`m desperate treying to create this solution https://www.pulumi.com/ai/answers/s6Q4teQctpo9cQToDPtZoW/datahub-deployment-on-digitalocean-kubernetes But i Dont know how to replace
"$DIGITALOCEAN_TOKEN" . I kindly ask for your help, but please kkep in mind need to be a advice for a total dummie, like 1,2,3
the deploy errors asre  pulumi update1
$ /pulumi-deploy-executor pulumi update --stackIdentity="gustavoleo/zealous-argon-yeti-crab/dev" --workDir="/deployment/aI" 2 Updating (dev) 3 4 View Live: https://app.pulumi.com/gustavoleo/zealous-argon-yeti-crab/dev/updates/3 5 6 @ Updating.......... 7 8 @ Updating.... 9 pulumipulumiStack zealous-argon-yeti-crab-dev running 10 + digitaloceanindexKubernetesCluster datahub-cluster creating (0s) 11 @ Updating.... 12 + digitaloceanindexKubernetesCluster datahub-cluster creating (0s) error: 1 error occurred: 13 + digitaloceanindexKubernetesCluster datahub-cluster creating failed error: 1 error occurred: 14 pulumipulumiStack zealous-argon-yeti-crab-dev running error: update failed 15 pulumipulumiStack zealous-argon-yeti-crab-dev failed 1 error 16 Diagnostics: 17 pulumipulumiStack (zealous-argon-yeti-crab-dev): 18 error: update failed 19 20 digitaloceanindexKubernetesCluster (datahub-cluster): 21 error: 1 error occurred: 22 * Error creating Kubernetes cluster: POST https://api.digitalocean.com/v2/kubernetes/clusters: 401 (request "5075c723-9030-4b77-a006-9d0ed5514515") Unable to authenticate you 23 24 Resources: 25 1 unchanged 26 27 Duration: 2s 28 29 Error: Update failed: [resource plugin digitalocean-4.25.1] installing 30 [resource plugin kubernetes-4.7.1] installing
If I'm reading the linked page correctly and understanding what you're trying to do, then you need to set the DIGITALOCEAN_TOKEN environment variable. Here's a DDG search that should help you find an article on how to do that: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=how+to+set+an+environment+variable&t=ffab&ia=web