Question regarding AWS native. The docs say that i...
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Question regarding AWS native. The docs say that it's recommended to use native for new projects. Is this also true when using EKS and AWSX? I noticed that EKS uses AWS classic under the hood and that AWS native produces different state. Won't I end up with a mess if I mix the two? Presumably at some point in the future there would need to be a migration path anyway, right?
Or would you recommend to not use AWSX and create all the resources "the hard way"? I'm not worried about the initial cost of doing that, but obviously more code will lead to more maintenance overhead...
There are no concerns with using AWS Classic for new projects. The development of the AWS Native provider is constrained by AWS' rollout of the Cloud Control API, which is (unfortunately) not under our control. As far as AWSX/EKS components versus creating resources "the hard way," there is a tradeoff between simplicity (AWSX/EKS are simpler, less code to maintain, etc.) and flexibility (there are some things you can't do with AWSX/EKS). You'll need to think about your requirements and then assess whether the components offer the functionality you need.