Hey friends, I'm trying to create an EKS cluster w...
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Hey friends, I'm trying to create an EKS cluster with managed node groups instead of the default unmanaged ones. Sadly I'm getting the following error and I have no clue what I could be doing wrong :(
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Previewing update (prod):
     Type                           Name              Plan       Info
     pulumi:pulumi:Stack            base-prod                    1 error
 +   ├─ eks:index:ManagedNodeGroup  nodegroup-static  create     
     └─ aws:eks:NodeGroup           nodegroup-static             1 error

  aws:eks:NodeGroup (nodegroup-static):
    error: unrecognized resource type: "aws:eks/nodeGroup:NodeGroup" for this provider
Here's the relevant code:
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import * as eks from "@pulumi/eks";

const cluster = new eks.Cluster("eks", {
  vpcId: vpc.vpcId,
  publicSubnetIds: vpc.publicSubnetIds,
  privateSubnetIds: vpc.privateSubnetIds,
  createOidcProvider: true,
  skipDefaultNodeGroup: true,
  // ...

const staticNodeGroup = new eks.ManagedNodeGroup(
    cluster: cluster,
    instanceTypes: ["t4g.medium"],
    scalingConfig: {
      desiredSize: 2,
      minSize: 2,
      maxSize: 4,
    nodeRole: nodeRole,
  { provider: cluster.provider }
Ok I found the issue.....
{ provider: cluster.provider }
. Not sure where I got that from, probably the AI generated that 🙃