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02/26/2024, 2:08 PM
@echoing-match-29901 I'm trying to deploy elasticbeanstalk over docker. however I keep getting
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aws:elasticbeanstalk:Environment (nde-lookerbot-service-prd-eb_env):
    error: 1 error occurred:
        * creating Elastic Beanstalk Environment (nde-lookerbot-prd): ConfigurationValidationException: Configuration validation exception: Invalid option specification (Namespace: 'aws:elasticbeanstalk:container:docker', OptionName: 'ImageName'): Unknown configuration setting.
        status code: 400, request id: ddf545ee-96fd-4d3a-9de8-b4e4b2522e55
against a
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elasticbeanstalk.EnvironmentSettingArgs(namespace="aws:elasticbeanstalk:container:docker", name="ImageName", value="<valid ECR address>/<valid docker image name>:<valid image tag>")
Can someone point out what is going wrong? I've been following documentation as made available via Pulumi website: even tried Nothing worked. worryingly, I cannot find any AWS documentation for namespace
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# namespaces can be inferred by consulting <>
# Supported Docker solution stack names can be found at <>