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02/27/2024, 6:41 AM
🚀 Seeking New Opportunities in DevOps | Open to Full-time, Contract, & Gig Work 🌟 Hello everyone! I'm Akhil Jahagirdar, a passionate Senior DevOps Engineer with over 6 years of experience sculpting cloud infrastructures 🌐, automating workflows 🔁, and championing CI/CD pipelines 🛠️ to enhance operational efficiency and scalability. I've had the privilege of contributing my expertise in diverse environments, from startups 🚀 to established corporations 🏢, always with a focus on innovation, security 🔐, and resilience. Key Highlights:Expertise Across Cloud Platforms: Proficient in AWS, Azure, and GCP ☁️, with a deep understanding of cloud architecture and a track record of leveraging cloud services (EC2, S3, Route53, Azure VMs) to drive automation and efficiency. Kubernetes & Containerization: Designed custom Kubernetes operators and managed complex microservice architectures 📦, ensuring scalable and secure deployments. Comfortable with K8s, Istio, and Cert-Manager.Automation & IaC: Skilled in both Terraform and Pulumi for infrastructure as code, automating deployment processes that significantly reduce manual intervention and boost system reliability 🔧. CI/CD and DevOps Best Practices: Developed and enhanced CI/CD pipelines in Azure DevOps, improving workflow efficiency by 50%, and leading DevOps transformation projects with a focus on collaboration and streamlining processes 🔄. Certifications Galore: AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer Expert, Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA), and more 🏅, underscoring my commitment to staying at the forefront of DevOps technologies. I'm eager to bring my blend of technical skills 💻, dedication to innovation 💡, and collaborative spirit 👫 to new challenges. Whether it's pioneering DevOps strategies, managing cloud infrastructures, or leading digital transformations, I'm ready to dive in and make an immediate impact.Open to discussing how I can contribute to your team's success through full-time roles, contracts, or gigs 🤝. Let's connect! Thank you for considering my profile 🙏. Looking forward to the opportunity to innovate and excel together!