Is there no package documentation for <Assets &amp...
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Is there no package documentation for Assets &amp; Archives like there is for Random for example? If there is, it’s so well hidden that it might as well not exist 😅
Basically, where are the docs for
Assuming I understand your question, they are part of the core Pulumi package (and not a separate package like Random, for instance) so they appear there (granted, I agree that this page can be hard to find -- I struggled with it myself recently). So, for NodeJS for instance: If you pick another language from, you can find the relevant page in a similar fashion
Ah, I was looking at that page earlier until I lost it 😄 Even finding the docs for pulumi/pulumi isn’t trivial it seems. What’s more, not everything is documented. For example the
method of
isn’t anywhere to be found. Unless that’s in a different place again? Appreciate the help!