When I try using the upgrade provider workflow at ...
# package-authoring
When I try using the upgrade provider workflow at https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-tf-provider-boilerplate/blob/main/deployment-templates/upgrade-provider.yml . It errors with
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error: exit status 1:
GraphQL: Could not resolve to a User with the login of 'github-actions[bot]'. (u000)
Has anyone else seen this?
I don't believe I've seen this but it looks like it might be an issue with GH permissions. Might be useful to check both the source and target repo under "Settings" -> "Action" -> "General": There's "Actions permissions" and "Workflow permissions" I think you need to allow some actions in the orgs as well as Read and write permissions for the workflow token and to allow it to create pull requests.
Thanks. This error was on my personal github account. When I tested on our corp account it worked. I think it might be related to me needing to transfer my personal account to a organization.