Hello everyone :wave: At Genesis Cloud, we're exc...
# package-authoring
Hello everyone 👋 At Genesis Cloud, we're excited to announce that we've recently released our Pulumi provider. We're very keen on taking the next step to become an official provider. Does anyone here know the prerequisites for this process or can put us in touch with the Pulumi team to discuss this further? Your help would greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Here's a link to the repo if anyone is interested: https://github.com/genesiscloud/pulumi-genesiscloud
@thousands-barista-29605 I saw your PR come in to be listed on our registry. I will process that one together with my colleagues. Given I'm at KubeConEU at the moment, that will probably happen early next week. Hope that's OK with you.
@limited-rainbow-51650 Thank you for your response. Enjoy KubeCon! partyk8s