# getting-started


03/24/2024, 8:47 PM
Hello! I’m attempting to import AWS resources via the CLI, in this specific case i’m attempting to import certificates. I’m using the command like:
AWS_PROFILE=profile-name pulumi import aws:acm/certificate:Certificiate certificate-name arn:aws:…../full-rest-of-the-arn
but I need to be able to import from a variety of regions. I’ve setup the providers already in my stack state
for example is one I created, there’s SOME examples of using this URN on the CLI through
but it’s not clear. The one example I found added
--provider admin=urn…
but I got the
error: anonymous.pp:11,12-17: undefined variable admin;
error. Is there a way to specify on the CLI which provider to pull using?