Hi I’m upgrating our pulumi provider (to sync to t...
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Hi I’m upgrating our pulumi provider (to sync to the latest version of our TF provider) and as usual, I have an error This time is during the release github action. Unfortunately all of my latest upgrade providers had a problem. Is it possible to have a website, a link, which can be a “source of truth” and a changelog to know all the changes we must realize? 🙂 the fact is when we run the upgrade-provider script, it updates several tools like the bridge and the SDK too. So with a changelog, it can help to find and fix the issues 🙂
I fixed the issue by upgrading cosign-installer step and create a new git tag and a new release again but I really think that a simple “upgrade”/sync” should not have to be painful 🙏
Hi, Aurelie, sorry you had issues with this. We are trying to make this process as easy as possible, so we'd really appreciate if you'd report any bugs you face in the repo https://github.com/pulumi/upgrade-provider Your issue here does not look like something I've seen before. Can you please post some more details here? What is the
step doing? I don't believe we use this action internally for providers. How did you end up fixing the issue?