I'm getting an error when I try to use pulumi to p...
# package-authoring
I'm getting an error when I try to use pulumi to provision resources.
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error: could not read plugin [/Users/boblee/.pulumi/plugins/resource-twingate-v0.0.5/pulumi-resource-twingate] stdout: EOF
When I try to run the pulumi-resource binary that is created I get this error
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error: fatal: failed to Init GRPC to register RPC handlers: failed to create resource provider: ProviderInfo needs a semver-compatible version string, got info.Version=""
The version that is being passed should be 0.0.5
Hey, it looks like in
in the
you are not specifying
Version: version.Version
Assuming https://github.com/Twingate-Labs/pulumi-twingate/blob/master/provider/resources.go is your provider. It looks like it's missing from https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-tf-provider-boilerplate/blob/main/provider/resources.go which is what I assume you started with. I'll raise an issue there.
raised https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-tf-provider-boilerplate/pull/112 to fix the boilerplate - LMK if that indeed fixes the issue!
That fixed it. Thanks!