I have been using Pulumi for over a year now. I di...
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I have been using Pulumi for over a year now. I didn't know much about terraform or even other DevOps platforms before, but I am an experienced JavaScript developer and have learned as I go along. I suspect the way we have our Pulumi code set up is not necessarily following all the best practices and I was interested in finding a Pulumi expert who could potentially do a one time review and provide recommendations. Does anyone have suggestions for a resource out there who would be good for this?
Hey, I've been working with pulumi for quite some time and I manage 100+ projects TypeScript + Python. I can find some time to glance over your setup. From your enquiry, it sounds like you know quite a bit. It is usually easy for developers to pick up pulumi rather than "ops" people. I've seen teams migrating back to Terraform because they were not good software engineers.
I offer Pulumi consulting services and was previously a Pulumi solutions architect. I’m happy to chat about an arrangement