Am I the only one who thinks that Pulumi AI aka `<...
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Am I the only one who thinks that Pulumi AI aka
is polluting google search results with non-sense?
no, you’re not. It’s incredibly disappointing
SEO is great though
Agree – there is so much hallucination in there, referencing SDK symbols that don't exist and even answers with blatantly insecure configurations. They should disable SEO indexing on those until the answers have greatly improved. Until then you can use this shell function to Google search and exclude results 🙂
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pulgoogl() {
     local search_term="$(echo -n "$1" | sed 's/ /%20/g')"
     open "<${search_term}>"
$ pulgoogl "your pulumi related search term"
Hey, I lead the AI team here and we're aware of the issues and did not expect this outcome. We've taken a number of steps to address this including: • Removing nearly ⅔ of the results and proactively taking steps to delist them by making those pages return a 410 Gone and
meta tag, and submitting those as a sitemap to Google. • Building infrastructure to remove results that fail to type check or preview, which is in progress, to ensure that all results are grounded and helpful. We want Pulumi AI Answers to be a helpful resource that fills gaps in documentation, not replace or displace more accurate information, and we'll keep working toward that goal.