Hey All, I've started using Pulumi to spin up some...
# getting-started
Hey All, I've started using Pulumi to spin up some resources on AWS. Basically what I want is: 1. Provision a bastion host. 2. Provision an RDS 3. Provision a K8s cluster. 4. Provision some other resources (DNS, S3 buckets, etc). 5. Deploy the app. 6. Be able to remove some of the resources (to reduce costs when not needed) while others should be always available. With that in mind, I wonder what's the best way to design the solution: 1. What should be the project (account, env, etc)? 2. What should be a stack? Dev, staging, production? The bastion host is one stack and the K8s cluster is another? 3. How to reference stacks? If anyone has a reference to how a "real-life" app should be provisioned and deployed with Pulumi, it would be a great help!
Hi guys, Any pointers on that would be great. Thanks.
The projects should group resources with the same deployment schedule. You have at least two schedules (the resources you want to be able to remove frequently, and the resources you don't), so you need at least two projects.
You need one stack per project per deployment target. Staging, Europe, Test, Local... whatever "destinations" for infra that you need.
There are loads of examples of apps in the Pulumi examples GitHub repo (https://github.com/pulumi/examples) and elsewhere.