I have a pretty well fleshed out aws-typescript pu...
# getting-started
I have a pretty well fleshed out aws-typescript pulumi file now that builds all the pieces I need to stand up a Fargate service from scratch. At the top are variables so I can reuse the template over and over by just changing the top few sections. Some of those are specific to an environment/VPC. Are there any examples of me including a common file one directory up that has those variables in it, instead of every fargate service script in that environment having to have them separately? Basically, either in the .ts or in the tsconfig.json, can I reference/include ../environment.ts?
So, I might have figured it out, so putting it here for posterity. I copied my constants (they are actually constants, not variables) to a file one level above all of my service directories called constants.ts. I then was able to do this in the index.ts files below: import {const1, const2, cont3} from '../constants'; W00t!