Is there any better documentation about using 1Pas...
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Is there any better documentation about using 1Password with Pulumi? All I can find is this: Official 1password documentation forwards me there as well. I'm just getting started with pulumi and would appreciate any help making this less confusing.
@ripe-king-44739 maybe to prevent some confusion first: this is not a provider like the ones you can find in our Package Registry. The ones in the Registry can be used to model resources in infrastructure as code. There is no resource provider for 1Password yet. The one you are referring to is a also named a provider, but it is one to connect our Environments, Secrets & Configuration (ESC) cloud feature to connect to your 1Password vaults to fetch credentials. If this is still what you are after, I suggest you read our general documentation on ESC first:
Right, I currently have my own infrastructure in my lab to manage secrets. I was simply trying to pull some secrets from my 1Pass vault for pulumi to authenticate with the Cloudflare package. I managed to figure out what it was asking for in terms of configuration, is there a way to manage your environments as code instead of having to open the app or use cli?
Not yet. It is requested here, with a few linked issues: Add your 👍🏼 to signal interest.
Is there a supported way to use esc in github actions?
You don’t need anything specific in Github actions, besides a valid
. If you add the environment info to your stack config file, it works as well on your local CLI as it will on GHA.
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- <first environment>
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You can add one or more names to defined environments and these will be used automatically when running