Hello all ! :slightly_smiling_face: I set up a lo...
# getting-started
Hello all ! 🙂 I set up a local Kubernetes cluster with ProxMox (virtual machines manager) and rancher (k3s). However, I would like my github actions to push (in Dev) to that local cluster (and production is on cloud). Is there any solution to that ? (maybe a local github action local worker ? openning ports (but I want to keep some security), ArgoCD ? ) Thanks in advance for any help.
Hey, what if you use a self-hosted runner that's running on that cluster itself (or in a proxmox VM)? That way you should have access to the apiserver and can interact with it.
This should help you host github runners on your cluster: https://github.com/actions/actions-runner-controller
You could also switch to a GitOps approach like you mentioned (ArgoCD), but I assume that would also require you to change your operations for the prod clusters
Sorry for the long delay. I ended up trying Tailscale in a github action which worked pretty well but finally put a self-hosted runner which is perfect and running well 🙂 thanks !!