Hi all, I am struggling with standing up an Azure ...
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Hi all, I am struggling with standing up an Azure container app with a managed certificate for my custom domain. Based on my experience trying and failing with it so far, it seems as though I need to first make a container app with a custom domain and SSL disabled, then I need to make a managed certificate resource, then I need to go back and update the container app with the ID of the managed certificate and SSL enabled. So essentially I have resources A and B, and I need to do the following: create A, create B, update A with values from B. Has anyone else run into this problem? How did you solve it/what am I missing? Thank you so much for the help.
That sounds like it might be this or very similar to this: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-azure-native/issues/578 If so, it derives from what Azure exposes by way of automation capabilities. There are not-great workarounds in that issue.
Yea doesn't look too great. Worth a shot. Thanks for the reply