Hello :wave: We’re running into an issue where the...
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Hello 👋 We’re running into an issue where the
pulumi preview
for our NewRelic resources is working locally but failing in our CircleCI pipeline. If we re-run it, it fails with the same type of error like
Attribute must be a whole number, got 5168210.
but on a different
each time. My local and the pipeline are on the same version of pulumi, 3.115.0 and everything was working the last time the pipeline ran two days ago. The change being pushed up is just a minor modification to an existing alert condition, (which is not the resource throwing the error). Any ideas?
Is CI using a different version of either Pulumi (sdk or cli) or
? If you match versions, does the issue repro locally? That would be the first place I would look.
Agreed- that was the first thing we checked and the issue does NOT reproduce locally. I re-ran it again this morning in case it was something transient and still getting the same error.