Hey all - we've been adopting Pulumi ESC at <Dosu>...
# esc
Hey all - we've been adopting Pulumi ESC at Dosu and are wondering if we can use
to set env vars in GitHub Actions too. Has anyone explored this? There are two motivations • Single source of truth. We don't have to update secrets in multiple places • Run the same GitHub actions with different env vars. We have deployment action that we'd like to re-use between staging and production. The only difference is the env vars Any ideas welcome!
the naive approach that comes to mind is running within the run step
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eval $(esc env open $DEPLOY_ENV --format shell)
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esc env get $DEPLOY_ENV --value dotenv >> "$GITHUB_ENV"
On the second solution, this might be better:
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esc env open $DEPLOY_ENV --format dotenv >> $GITHUB_ENV
Also you should check out setting up OIDC trust relationships. We are releasing today a auth GitHub Action to make this easier to consume, blog is coming out soon.
Thanks @enough-architect-32336! I'll checkout OIDC for GHA - that is much cleaner that what we have currently
For posterity, the final solution require stripping the surrounding value quotes from the
format before appending to
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esc env open dosu/staging --format dotenv  | sed  's/="\([^"]*\)"/=\1/' | $GITHUB_ENV