:wave: Hi everyone! I have a project where we keep...
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👋 Hi everyone! I have a project where we keep customers separate, so we give them one application each, which results in a lot of resources, currently we have about 80 resources per tenant and 30 to 40 tenants, looking to double that eventually. This leads to almost 3000 resources and soon to be up to 6000. From a code point of view, pulumi is working great, we don’t have much code at all as each tenant is almost the same, however deployments are getting really slow, over 20 mins at the moment, even though very few resources are updated (usually just updating 1 or 2 resources per tenant). It seems likely we’ll be not far off an hour by the end of the year. It makes a lot of sense to do our deployments in one go but is there any way to speed things up without having separate stacks? This should all be extremely parallelizable so I would expect that in theory it shouldn’t need to take that much longer to deploy 30 tenants than 1, currently its almost linear. Pulumi great in all other respects, the painful days of terraform have been firmly put behind me 😄
start with one stack per tenant and break it down even further if required (also keep this in mind: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/10960) then simply parallelise the stack execution.
yeah, seems like multiple stacks is the way to go. I was hoping there was some (non-dangerous) setting or something that might help but I don’t think so