Working with Pulumi in TS, I feel like something a...
# getting-started
Working with Pulumi in TS, I feel like something absent from the documentation is the
methods. It took me quite a while to realise that there is (for example) an
version of
which deals with the input/output pulumi type async stuff for you, without needing to use initialize/apply shenanigans. I only found out about them because I happened to see it being used in an example on github. Are these methods specific to the TS implementation of Pulumi SDKs and therefore not covered in the generic API docs because of that, and if so is there any docs that goes into detail about TS-specific gotchas?
They are supported by TypeScript, Python, Go and .Net at present I believe, and typically listed on the function documentation pages under "Using `<function name>`". E.g.
I swear I looked at it minutes ago and even ctrl+f'd the page and didn't see it, I must be completely blind. Thank you
Not at all -- it might be we can make them more obvious or call them out on some of the top-level pages too.