Hey Guys, I would like to create a rather simple t...
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Hey Guys, I would like to create a rather simple thing - Azure Virtual Network together with Subnets and NetworkPeering (so called inline way). The peering (only) does not get created and the code fails (Resource Not Found for Vnet Peering). When code is changed to "standalone" approach, it works. The problem with "standalone" way is that the state generated handles peerings in different way causing the pulumi import more cumbersome. Would be very grateful for assistance. The code
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var rgp = new ResourceGroupComponent(ctx);

        var args = new VirtualNetworkArgs()
            ResourceGroupName = rgp.Name,
            AddressSpace = new AddressSpaceArgs()
                AddressPrefixes = new InputList<string>()
            Subnets = Subnets.ToSubnetArgs(),
            VirtualNetworkPeerings = new List<VirtualNetworkPeeringArgs>()
                new VirtualNetworkPeeringArgs()
                    Name = "Peering_Name",
                    AllowVirtualNetworkAccess = true,
                    AllowForwardedTraffic = false,
                    AllowGatewayTransit = false,
                    UseRemoteGateways = false,
                    DoNotVerifyRemoteGateways = false,
                    RemoteVirtualNetwork = new SubResourceArgs() { Id = "/subscriptions/900760f4-9860-496f-bd42-36d08af18c3c/resourceGroups/devops-network-dev/providers/Microsoft.Network/virtualNetworks/devops-network-dev" }