Today we launched the largest collection of improv...
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Today we launched the largest collection of improvements to Pulumi ESC since the initial preview launch last fall - all focused on bringing robust software engineering features to secrets and configuration management. This is a key step toward our GA milestone later this year, and delivers on three of the most requested ESC features we've heard from users over the last 6 months. ā€¢ šŸ“‘ Versioning: Pulumi ESC now supports versioning of environments, allowing you to see and audit every change to the secrets and configuration for an environment, pin references to an environment to a specific version or version tag, and safely roll back an environment to a previous version. ā€¢ šŸ§° SDKs: Pulumi ESC now has SDKs available for Python, TypeScript/JavaScript and Go, enabling ESC to be used directly within applications, tools and services to retrieve and manage secrets and configuration values at runtime. ā€¢ šŸ—ļø Environments as Code with IaC: New support for defining and managing Pulumi ESC environments, secrets, and configuration from within Pulumi IaC programs allows source-controlled environment specification and managing secrets and configuration lifecycles via code. Thanks to everyone in the community who has used ESC and given us feedback on the path to these features and beyond. Join us in #esc for questions/discussion around the new features or getting started with Pulumi ESC!
Great work to everyone involved!
Beautiful. Just what I needed
šŸ˜ž except pinning & tags only available in Enterprise