I'm excited to share the launch of Pulumi Copilot,...
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I'm excited to share the launch of Pulumi Copilot, our next big leap forward in applying AI to cloud infrastructure management. 🤖 ☁️ Pulumi Copilot is a new conversational chat interface integrated throughout Pulumi Cloud, enabling Pulumi Cloud users to quickly accomplish a variety of cloud infrastructure management tasks by leveraging the power of large language models plus the rich capabilities of Pulumi Cloud. There are an almost infinite number of interesting use cases enabled by Copilot, including: ✨ Generate Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) ☁️ Understand your team’s cloud usage 🤝‍ Gain visibility into team activity 💰 Discover cost savings opportunities ✅ Get compliant 🛡️ Stay secure 🐞 Debug cloud failures 📚 Quickly dive into documentation We're just getting started with Pulumi Copilot, and eager to hear your feedback. Pulumi Copilot is available now in public beta, and is free while in beta for all organizations in Pulumi Cloud. Organization administrators can turn on Pulumi Copilot for their organization by going to Settings > Access Management > Pulumi Copilot within the Pulumi Cloud console.
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