Hi all, we are trying to find the best way to writ...
# python
Hi all, we are trying to find the best way to write our unit tests and we started making use of the
method as suggested, but we were wondering if there could be some issues in doing something like this:
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async def test_cluster(self, component_parameters):
   cluster = AuroraCluster(**component_parameters)
   assert isinstance(cluster.cluster, aws.rds.Cluster)
   assert await cluster.cluster.cluster_identifier.future() == f"{component_parameters['name']}-cluster"
It has been working great until now, considering we are using it only inside our tests. It's making it a lot easier to write and read them. So the question is: do you think we may face some issues following this path? Is there some strange hidden behaviour or side-effect that we are not triggering using
instead of the