I'm seeing a weird situation when using packages -...
# python
I'm seeing a weird situation when using packages -- I list the requirement in the
file then run the command
/venv/bin/pip install pulumi-local
which completes successfully. I confirm that its stored in the virtual environment with
pip show pulumi_local
. However, when I use that as an import, I get the following error:
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import pulumi_local as local
    ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pulumi_local'
Anyone else see this before or know how to solve it? Thanks!
Hey Kurt. There are few things that could be causing this. 1. Have you restarted the terminal? Packages are never visible in the system path until a restart is performed. 2. Check file structure. The parent folder requires a setup.py file, as well as an init.py file, then another one per each subpackage in the parent folder. 3. Check your path to ensure that it is in a visible location: "echo %PATH%" a. If not visible, you can locally append to your system path for a temporary fix: i. import sys ii. sys.path.append('/path/to/my-project/src') b. You can also perform a more permanent fix using the PYTHONPATH variable. i. set PYTHONPATH=path\to\root folder