Hello pulumi-people ! Does anyone know how to refe...
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Hello pulumi-people ! Does anyone know how to reference (in yaml runtime from your main pulumi.yaml) , a configuration setting like an API key that you have set in an ESC environment (dev) which is imported in your pulumi.dev.yaml ? I can see the ESC contains the key, but trying to reference as ${apiKey} , ${pulumiConfig.apiKey} , or several permutations , always complains it cannot find it, and could not find a clear example in documentation. Any help much appreciated, as I'm pulling my hair out !
You tell Pulumi to look up your entire ESC environment and map it to config. The important part is the
property. The docs explain the process here: https://www.pulumi.com/docs/esc/get-started/integrate-with-pulumi-iac/#access-configuration-from-esc
Thanks ! Got it working now, much appreciated. I was importing the environment wrong.