Looking at the code for aws-apigateway, it seems t...
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Looking at the code for aws-apigateway, it seems that this wraps aws.apigateway. Is there any reason to use one or the other?
aws.apigateway is the AWS Classic library. It's the same as the Terraform module. awsx.apigateway is an opinionated wrapper for aws.apigateway. If you like its conventions and don't want to configure any more than you have to, it might be the one for you. @pulumi/aws-apigateway seems to be a wrapper over awsx.apigateway, at least according to the blurb at the top of the registry page. I don't know why this one has an advantage over the other two?
Ah, it says "as a package available in all Pulumi languages". Maybe awsx.apigateway is JS/TS only?
ah, ok
here's what chatGPT had to say šŸ™‚
When to Use Each ā€¢ awsx.apigateway: ā—¦ Use this if you want quick and easy setup with sensible defaults. ā—¦ Ideal for common use cases where you don't need extensive customization. ā€¢ aws.apigateway: ā—¦ Choose this when you need granular control over the API Gateway configuration. ā—¦ Useful if you have specific requirements that higher-level abstractions don't cover. ā€¢ @pulumi/aws-apigateway: ā—¦ Opt for this if you need a balance between simplicity and control, with features specifically designed for API Gateway. ā—¦ Good for cases where
is too abstract but
feels too low-level.
The first two seem about right. I'll bow to ChatGPT's superior knowledge about the 3rd one.
ha! well, it sounds reasonable šŸ™‚
thanks for the help šŸ™‚