Is it possible to deploy a GCP cloud function pack...
# google-cloud
Is it possible to deploy a GCP cloud function packaged as a container similar to aws lambda?
Sounds like you’re looking for Cloud Run, maybe? 😄
Cloud Functions are containers with GCP creating the container for you - great but they are language specific and you wouldn’t, for example, be able to run anything from the command line. Cloud Run lets you specify the container directly.
When you deploy your function's source code to Cloud Functions, that source is stored in a Cloud Storage bucket. Cloud Build then automatically builds your code into a container image and pushes that image to a image registry.
ya, aws lambda use to be like that and now you can use a container image as a packaging option. Creating a container image that you can run on so many different AWS services is quite useful and I was hoping GCP was similar... Anyways thanks for the replies.