Hi all:) I'm currently trying to generate a secret...
# google-cloud
Hi all:) I'm currently trying to generate a secret for one of my kube deployments. I have a call to gcp.secretmanager.Secret and then I try to gcp.secretmanager.get_secret_version on it . But when I go pulumi up it fails complaining that the secret doesn't exist yet... which is obviously the case since I haven't created anything yet and the goal is to have the pulumi up create it and then retrieve it. I feel like I'm missing a step there. Exact error: Exception: invoke of gcpsecretmanager/getSecretVersiongetSecretVersion failed: invocation of gcpsecretmanager/getSecretVersiongetSecretVersion returned an error: invoking gcpsecretmanager/getSecretVersiongetSecretVersion: 1 error occurred: * Error retrieving available secret manager secret versions: googleapi: Error 404: Secret [...to be created secret path...] not found or has no versions.