Hi , I am trying to use Pulumi for a specific use ...
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Hi , I am trying to use Pulumi for a specific use case , I am not sure , if it can cater it or not so please if someone can let me know it will be a great help. So basically we are trying to handover the responsibility of hitting all cloud APIs ( AWS , Azure , GCP ) like getting ec2 instances , creating new EC2 instance , or getting ec2 utilisation and many more such things that are supported by SDKs , to our cloud / platform team , who are not very good with coding languages and API hitting and parsing etc. So can Pulumi make it easier for them to do all the stuff a sdk does and then can send the JSON they got to other teams to use. Basically , can Pulumi get all the data an SDK can get ?
I don't think we have 100% coverage of the same things the cloud SDKs have. Pulumi is more targeted at creating infra, not querying it but there is some support for this. Eg. the getInstances call for ec2
Got it , thanks